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Custom Lace Front Wig


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Custom Lace Front Wig


Custom Lace Front Wig

from 200.00

Make things easy on yourself with a custom, lace front wig in our Afro Kinky, Kinky Straight or Deep Curly textures in natural black. Free part versatile wigs make it easy for you to style and achieve the look you want. All of our wigs come in 120% density. Please contact us if you are interested in other densities. We do not do custom color.

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If you're buying lengths under 14 inches, 2 bundles and a closure will provide a full look. If you buy lengths 16 inches or longer, 3 bundles provide a full look. 

We recommend using a mild shampoo if there is excessive build up, however, using a co-wash or simply conditioner works best. This 100% virgin human hair is suitable for dying, coloring and medium heat; however, bleach and heat compromises the strength of the hair shaft and can dry out the hair, reduce lifespan and cause damage if excessive. 

For Afro Kinky hair, you want to finger detangle it and avoid using brushes. 

Kezi Hair uses a pre-order process to offer top-quality virgin hair for much less. Please read our Processing and Shipping section on our FAQ page.